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Title of the Course: 

Long title:  

Nursing Work Environment and Patient Safety  


Brief title: 

Nurse Managers for Safety (NM4Safety) 


Course Description 

Welcome to the Nurse Managers for Safety Blended Learning Course. 


Challenges for nurse managers are to manage assessment and promotion of patient safety in hospital care settings whilst managing and coordinating a busy everyday work environment. 

In this course, nurse managers will learn strategies and tools for creating a nurse work environment to support patient safety and quality of care.  

This course will (also) focus on improving nurse managers’ knowledge, skills, and empowerment regarding patient safety climate and culture and strategies to initiate a cultural change.  

Participation in the course is free of charge. 

The course will be available until September 30th2025. 


Learning Outcomes 

Nurse managers, who take this course will be able: 

to create a nurse work environment, which supports patient safety and nurse retention  

to increase their knowledge, improve their skills, and feel empowered as a nurse manager with regards to strategies improving patient safety and quality of care. 


Course Content 


The blended learning curriculum includes 12 lectures. 

 The first part aims to provide nurse managers with basic knowledge regarding the characteristics of high-quality nurse work environment (NWE) and related concepts, such as “missed nursing care” and “rationing of nursing care”. In addition, the consequences of a good versus a poor NWE for patients and nurses are highlighted. 

In the second part, the nurse managers gain knowledge and skills on topics such as safe staffing and resources, human resource / workforce planning tools, collaboration and communication, and good intra- and interprofessional relationships. Furthermore, participating nurse managers will gain more knowledge and a better understanding of transformational leadership and transformational leadership strategies, including strategies to motivate and support nurses in their daily work and to foster nurse autonomy and create a positive change within their organisation. 

In the third part, nurse managers deepen their knowledge and skills regarding strategies to improve the patient safety climate and culture in their institution as well as creating a high-quality nurse work environment to sustain quality of care and patient safety. 



Owner of the Course 

(Universities / Leaders) 

NM4SAFETY Consortium, partners:  


Prof. Alvisa Palese, PhD, RN, UNIVERSITY OF UDINE (UoU), Italy 

Prof. Evridiki Papastavrou, PhD, RN, CYPRUS UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (CUT), Cyprus 

Prof. Dr. Maria Schubert, PhD, RN, ZURICH UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES (ZHAW), Switzerland 



Team TECH4CARE (SRL), Italy (Website, Internet, Interactive Resource) 


Target Audience 

Nurse managers, who work at the lower, middle or upper management level, as well as nurses interested in taking on a nurse manager role. 


Course Difficulty 


Duration & Workload 

This course is designed for a duration of 12 weeks. However, participants can choose when watching lectures and accessing materials.

A workload of 3 hours per week for the lecture including self-study tasks, is to be assumed.  



or Pre-Requirements 

Basic English skills (readings/toolkits) 

(Teaching) Languages 

Lectures in German, Greek, English and Italian.  

A Toolkit in German, Greek, English and Italian (e.g., readings, references, assessment tools). 

Teaching Methods 

E-Learning lectures, presentations, videos, instruments, self-study.

Support & Help 


Accessibility Support & Technical Help 

Contact for accessibility questions, concerns, or technical problems. 

Course Help 

Expert contact via e-mail provided at the beginning of each lecture.


Funded by the European Union Program 


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